Best Tattoo Designs for 2019

Welcome to the world of tattoos and tattoo addicted people. We are here to show you the best tattoo designs for 2019. You will have a chance to become the part of this art and all you have to do is to be brave enough to get regular tattoo. This is a short list of the best tattoo designs for 2019 and a short guideline for those who are getting first tattoo.

best tattoo designs for 2019

Tattoos were always popular. In ancient times people expressed their attitude towards reality with tattoos. The idea as well as designs are much changed still the philosophy of tattoo will always remain. It is a unique way to emphasize your individuality.

Best Tattoos for Women 2019

It is not secret that tattooing became a big business for many of people. Tattoo artists make good money with this wonderful and interesting profession. Having good time they can earn much money and all this can be for few hours of funny work. They are so much engaged in this process that people have to take purpose in advance. People are influenced very much by this amazing tattoo art vogue today and owing to this fact such business is growing each moment.

feather tattoo ideas

Hey, Women! If you are true lovers of this amazing art then we offer to check out our collection of best tattoos for women 2019

Popular Tattoos 2019

Trends change and season by season we get new updated collection of the most popular tattoos 2019. All the newest tattoos are awesome but this is the aspect where the trends have not much to do.

popular tattoos 2019

There are symbols and tattoos that will never go out of the fashion. The only thing that can change is the tattooing style. Thus, 2019 will bring into the limelight some really cool styles of popular tattoos 2019 that will please any tattoo addicted. 

Colorful Tattoo Ideas 2019

Tattoo is a unique mark on our body that attracts attention to your personality. The brighter your tattoo is the more attention it will grab and the more questions you will be asked. New season has brought us so many adorable and new tattoo ideas as well as updated traditional tattoo styles. That we can simply get lost in the gallery of oh-so-beautiful tattoos. If you are the lucky one to get a new tattoo in 2019, first we offer to check out those colorful tattoo ideas 2019. That are considered the trendiest ones of new season.

Best Animal Tattoos 2019

In the greatest variety of tattoos it is quite easy to get confused. Tattoo addicts know that very tattoo should have special meaning and it can even change life. No matter this is going to be your first tattoo or you have already inked your body always learn the meaning of the tattoo you are going to get. For now, let’s talk about the best animal tattoos 2019 that are pictured in the new ways still they look as impressive as classy animal tattoos.

animal tattoos 2019

Every animal has its special meaning and it is suitable for a person with similar character. Your animal can tell much about so this is another reason you should be very careful when choosing an animal tattoo.

Taurus Tattoo Ideas

Those who belong to Taurus zodiac sign are stable, possessive, sensual and quite stubborn. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, Taurus are very passionate and that’s why taurus tattoo designs are bold and eye catching. The following ideas of Taurus tattoos will arm you up with some options for your future tattoo.

back tattoo

The best design of tattoo is surely Taurus zodiac sign that is clear and need no explanation. Looking like an outlined bull head the sign still is very impressive especially if completed with details like tribal lines or flames. Taurus zodiac sign will be great idea for small tattoo and it can be placed anywhere on the body.

Summer Hottest Tattoo Ideas 2019

Summer is the perfect time to show off your body and tattoos but if you haven’t managed to get a new tattoo this summer you can now start searching for the best tattoo for next summer. Of course true tattoo addicted people do not wait for summer to get a new sexy tattoo so let’s say we are just going to talk about tattoos that you will show off next summer. Here are the collection of summer hottest tattoo ideas 2019 to inspire you.

tattoo ideas 2019

Before talking about the best summer tattoos let’s talk about the advantages of getting tattoo at a cold weather. Well, first of all it is easier to protect new tattoo from sun rays and exposure. 

Sagittarius Tattoo Ideas

Strong and confident Sagittarius always speaks his mind without fear. Both Sagittarius zodiac and its sign are very interesting and this sign is definitely worth to be tattooed.


Arrow is indispensable part of Sagittarius sign and this gives you million designs to choose from but let’s begin with traditional sagittarius tattoo designs.

Tiny Tattoos for Girls

We do love tattooed girls and no matter it is a tiny tattoo or a massive one covering the whole spine. While huge tattoos have social impact and not everyone is ready for such a dramatic change, tiny tattoo can be easily hidden. Anyway, tiny tattoos look fantastic on girls so why not to have one? Here are some awesome tiny tattoos for girls and ideas where to get a tiny tattoo.

tiny tattoos for girls


Tiny wrist tattoo can be considered is not the cutest at least one of the most beautiful tattoo styles for girls and boys. Whether you choose tiny minimalistic tattoo, flower tattoo, special symbol or a quote tattoo it will look fantastic on wrist.

2019 Daisy Tattoos for Women

Flower tattoos are so much popular among girls. All the kinds of flowers look adorable while new tattooing styles make flower tattoos even more attractive. Besides of realistic styles of flowers we have new ways of tattooing flowers like minimalistic, dotwork and linework. No matter which style you choose it will look equally stunning. For now, check out some cute styles of 2019 daisy tattoos and find out the meaning of daisy tattoo.

2019 daisy tattoos

Daisy flower has very strong meaning and the wearer should definitely know the history of the flower and what it actually symbolizes. Daisy flower can be found in several ancient cultures. In Christianity, daisy flower symbolized innocence and purity of Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. Daisy flower was pictured in Christian art with the same meaning.