Popular Tattoos

Best Ladybug Tattoo Ideas

Animal tattoo designs were always popular but most of them are too big and eye catching. If you are looking for tiny animal tattoo, you can get one of those ladybug tattoos that are very popular now. Ladybug tattoo is perfect one to accentuate your elegance.

Colorful tattoo looks more gentle and feminine and it is more suitable for girls.

ladybug tattoo

More often ladybug tattoo is made in black and red colors but sometimes ladybugs are painted on greens or flowers and tattoo can have more than two colors. 

Lip Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos in unpredictable places are getting more and more popular. One of them is lip tattoo. There are several types of lip tattoos both permanent and temporary and new tattoo trends include both of them.

lip tattoo

Temporary lip tattoo can be a unique style of lip makeup or just the way to make lips look fuller. For bolder look artists offer to get different animal prints or patterns. 

Skull tattoo

As a tradition people do tattoos for underlining their personality. Your dreams come alive on your skin and your brave tattoo is without any words, it can be visually described. Some people can think that a skull tattoo could sound a bit morbid and it can be cool for others.

skull tattoo

You can be creative person with skull tattoos by adding some other symbols, abstract deigns. And of course you can experiment with colors to make it original and personal.