2019 Daisy Tattoos for Women

Flower tattoos are so much popular among girls. All the kinds of flowers look adorable while new tattooing styles make flower tattoos even more attractive. Besides of realistic styles of flowers we have new ways of tattooing flowers like minimalistic, dotwork and linework. No matter which style you choose it will look equally stunning. For now, check out some cute styles of 2019 daisy tattoos and find out the meaning of daisy tattoo.

2019 daisy tattoos

Daisy flower has very strong meaning and the wearer should definitely know the history of the flower and what it actually symbolizes. Daisy flower can be found in several ancient cultures. In Christianity, daisy flower symbolized innocence and purity of Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. Daisy flower was pictured in Christian art with the same meaning. 

The color of daisy flower also has importance when it comes to symbolization. Red daisy flower represents boldness and energy. Yellow flower is the symbol of inteligence. Blue daisy flower symbolizes emotions and white daisy flower is a symbol of innocence.

2019 daisy tattoo

Concluding all the meanings of daisy flower we can say that daisy flower tattoo is the symbol of purity, innocency, femininity, emotions, love, peace and happiness. This kind of tattoo will bring the wearer only positive emotions and energy.

Where to get daisy flower tattoo? For girls flower tattoo will look beautiful on any part of body but when it comes to daisy flower there are some ideas that will help you to get the best tattoo style. Get tiny daisies or a single daisy flower tattoo on wrist in case if you shy away from too eye catching and bold tattoo. A banch of daisy flowers can will decorate rib and back.

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