Top 5 Bird Tattoos 2019 for Men

Bird tattoos have been around for a very long time. Every bird has its strong symbol and meaning; bird tattoo carries the same meaning and symbolization. Before getting a bird tattoo it is worth to know what they symbolize and how they can effect on your personality. We have put together top 5 bird tattoos 2019 for men and the meaning of bird tattoos so that you can choose the best one to match you.

bird tattoo designs for men


Eagle tattoo is maybe the most popular bird tattoo for men that symbolizes all the qualities men possess. The common symbol of eagle tattoo is power, wisdom, masculinity and spirituality.

Eagle tattoo can symbolize eternal strength and patriotism; as it is the national emblem of USA it is more often pictured with flag. As eagle is the strongest among birds eagle tattoo is a symbol of endless power. Eagle tattoo can also symbolize free spirit and fearlessness.

Eagle tattoo for men

Eagle tattoo 2019


Hawk is as strong as eagle. This tattoo can carry all the meanings of eagle tattoo. To the meanings of eagle tattoo like power, freedom and fearlessness hawk tattoo can also symbolize intelligence, perspective and intuition. Hawk tattoo can symbolize your determination and your goals. The one you has a hawk tattoo definitely knows his life goals and the ways to achieve them.

hawk tattoo

hawk tattoo for men

PHOENIX TATTOOS FOR MEN: tattoos 2019 for men

Another great tattoo style that carries strong meaning is phoenix tattoo. This mythological  creature is seen in many ancient cultures and it almost always carries one and the same meaning. Phoenix is a bird that is reborn from ashes as a living symbol of strength. When reborn phoenix becomes stronger; it means that all the difficulties you will have on your way will only make you stronger. Phoenix tattoo symbolizes rebirth, life, new beginning and longevity. If you have a phoenix tattoo it will tell the world that nothing can stop you from reaching your goals.




Raven is a noble bird that has a very special meaning. In many cultures raven was an evil symbol while in the others the bird was described as a wise bird. In many cultures raven was an evil symbol while in the others the bird was described as a wise bird. They are often associated with dark mystery. All in all, raven is a mysterious bird that can change your personality. As they are wise bird, raven symbolizes wisdom and intellect.

Raven Tattoo

Raven Tattoo Design

ROOSTER TATTOOS FOR MEN: tattoos 2019 for men

It is a bird of rising sun and it symbolizes all the positive notions. Rooster tattoo is the symbol of new beginning, masculine power, leadership and pride. It is a protecting symbol that will help you to overcome obstacles in your life.

Rooster tattoo

Rooster tattoo 2019