2019 Popular Tattoos with Meaning

Tattoo is an art and besides of decorating body it has strong power on the owner. Every tattoo has its meaning and those who understand tattoo will surely understand your personality.

Before getting a tattoo you have probably looked through zillion pictures but have you have ever learnt something about tattoos’ meaning? Quotes or portraits don’t have any hidden meaning but tattoos of animals, flowers and other designs do have meaning. If you have made up your mind to get a tattoo check out this collection of 2019 popular tattoos and their meaning.

Feather Tattoos

2019 popular tattoos

Feather tattoo is may be the most popular women tattoo. There are infinite designs of feather tattoos. Feather tattoo looks fantastic on any part of body. The hottest one is surely feather tattoo on rib but you can get it on leg, foot, shoulder or even tummy. Feather tattoo symbolizes freedom.

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoo is another popular one that women do love to have. It is a symbol of soul and mind. For tattoo butterfly will symbolize your soul so try to find the most beautiful design of tattoo. Popular styles are butterfly tattoo on wrist and nape but more often butterflies are applied in composition with other pictures like flowers.

butterfly tattoos with meaning

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

According to Japanese symbolism cherry blossom means transience of life. The philosophy is that life never stops and you should enjoy every second of it.  Cherry blossom tattoo on rib, shoulder and leg looks really cool.

flower tattoos with meaning

2019 popular tattoos: Lily Tattoos

Last but not popular tattoo for women is lily tattoo that has very special meaning. In Christian symbolism lily means purity while in Buddhism tiger lily is a symbol of compassion and mercy. Just like any other kind of flower lily tattoos will look smashing on any part of body.

flower tattoos with meaning