2019 Summer Popular Tattoos

We are getting ready for summer and the best thing you can do is to pamper your body with brand new tattoo. 2019 summer popular tattoos trends include so many beautiful designs that will become statement accessories for you. The following unique tattoos will show you some creative ideas and help you to make a choice.

2019 Summer Popular Tattoos

Fairy Tattoo Designs

Fairy tattoo is first trend of summer. This beautiful and feminine tattoo will be suitable for girls who want to highlight their nature. More often fairy tattoo is a massive design on the back or on the shoulder but newest trends also include smaller designs of fairy tattoos.

fairy tattoo design

Star Tattoo Designs

All designs of star tattoos will always be trendy but for 2019 summer you should definitely get tiny star tattoos on eye catching parts of body like finger, foot or nape. Both multi tonal and black star tattoos will look smashing.

cool foot tattoo

star tattoo nice

Flower Tattoo Designs: 2019 summer popular tattoos

Flower tattoos are hot and very popular among girls. Roses, lilies, cherry blossoms and many other designs will decorate any part of your body. If you are ready for dramatic changes look through the pictures flower tattoos on rib.

flower tattoo design

cool back flower tattoo ideas

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Last trend included in 2019 summer trends is butterfly tattoo design. For summer you should definitely get colorful butterflies but if you are the lover of minimalistic styles you can get black tiny butterflies.

handy butterfly tattoo for female

girl butterfly tattoo