Small Tattoo Ideas on Neck

As one of the most beautiful part of woman’s body neck is perfect for tiny and cute tattoo. In fact, neck is the most popular part to get tattoo and there are several reasons of it. First of all neck tattoo is less visible and dramatic unlike tattoos on other parts of body especially. If shown, it will attract attention and it will surely gain all the best comments.

dandelion on neck

There are two things you can do; you can either choose small tattoo or you can wear a whole art that covers neck and reaches to shoulder or collarbone. Let’s begin with small tattoo ideas on neck and may be you will be ready to choose something more dramatic and eye catching.

There are no rules about tattoos suitable for neck. You can get anything that will accentuate your personality and make you feel self-confident.

Sun and moon are perfect for neck. Sun and moon are done right in the center of neck. The style of sun or moon can be realistic or more abstract. You can check out more sun tattoos here.

sun tattoo on neck

Notes, quotes and power words are also very frequently chosen for neck. Again such designs are very delicate and adorable. They will never make you get bored of your tattoo. The best thing about small tattoo is that it can be easily removed or, what is better, can be covered with a bigger one (true lovers of body art will never get rid of tattoo).

Small Tattoo Ideas on Neck

original tattoo

Butterfly is next option for neck. It can be single colorful butterfly or several tiny ones in a raw. Both styles will look luxurious and feminine.

Just like butterfly stars will also look smashing on neck. Moreover you can get small tattoo and continue it to spine or shoulder.

This is only a small part of available tattoo styles suitable for neck. Check more tattoo ideas here.

Butterfly Tattoos on Neck

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