Best Ladybug Tattoo Ideas

Animal tattoo designs were always popular but most of them are too big and eye catching. If you are looking for tiny animal tattoo, you can get one of those ladybug tattoos that are very popular now. Ladybug tattoo is perfect one to accentuate your elegance.

Colorful tattoo looks more gentle and feminine and it is more suitable for girls.

ladybug tattoo

More often ladybug tattoo is made in black and red colors but sometimes ladybugs are painted on greens or flowers and tattoo can have more than two colors. 

Every tattoo has meaning or at least we try to find meaning of every design. In case of ladybug there is a particular meaning and it symbolizes certain things. It is very important to know the meaning of your tattoo because you are going to wear it throughout your life and it can have great influence on destiny (I mean it).

According to Christian symbolism ladybug is a symbol of Virgin Mary. We can make conclusions that it symbolizes purity and virginity.

In Chinese symbolism ladybug is a symbol of luck and love. The spots on ladybug symbolize years of fortune in your life (superstition).

Ladybug is more often tattooed on foot, wrist, behind the ear or on finger. Ladybugs look really cute and they will never bore you.

ladybug tattoo on foot

ladybug on foot

ladybug tattoo idea on foot