Celebrity Best Tattoos

Celebrities inspire us with their image and they will always be the main source of inspiration. They have perfect body, gorgeous hairstyle, luxurious dresses, accessories and, why not tattoos. The best way to recreate beloved image is to get celebrity tattoo. But you should be a 100% sure about your choice. Here are celebrity best tattoo ideas to inspire you.

angelina jolie tattoos

First image that I want to show you is sexy beauty bunny Angelina Jolie who is definitely the leader in this list of celebrity best tattoos. She has got quotes on her shoulder, nape and arm as well as other tattoos on her tummy and palm of hand.

angelina jolie tattoos fashion

Rihanna is next icon from Celebville who got tattoo fever. From finger tattoo to tiny stars at the nape and creative bird tattoo on foot even single one is a real masterpiece. She has got 14 tattoos but most of them are hidden. Her tattoos are mostly small like the one behind ear, notes on feet and some really impressive large tattoos.

rihannas tattoos

rihanna tattoo

Megan Fox is known not only with her unique beauty and sexuality but also with her tattoos. The best one is surely¬†Shakespeare’s script tattoo. She has removed Marilyn Monroe’s portrait but she still has tattoos on her rib and wrist.

megan fox tattoo

megan fox

The title of the most epatage celebrity has gained Lady Gaga with her images but everything changes when it comes to her tattoos. She has got unicorn on thigh, a quote on her arm and several flower tattoos. Well let’s wait for wilder and crazier tattoos.


lady gaga tattoo