Cute Bow Tattoo

The collection of feminine tattoos includes colorful beautiful flowers, blossoms, butterflies, stars, kittens, bows and many other pretty designs that will decorate body and become statement accessory.


Bow tattoo is more suitable for feminine and glamorous girls who are all in fashion and love cute accessories. For glamorous look girls more often choose tiny bow tattoo behind ear, on a finger or at the nape. 

Pink bow tattoos are very popular among emo girls. In fact, tattoo of bow is included in emo tattoo trends 2019 and you can check them out here.


Newest trend of bow tattoo is ribbon bow tattoo on the upper part of leg. It looks so sexy and hot. More often the ribbon is made in lace style with a gentle bow as  a finishing touch to this luxurious composition. Such style of ribbon tattoo of bow can also be created on both legs for more eye catching look. In this case tattoo should be thin for delicate look.

Tiny bow tattoo behind ear is next popular design chosen by girls. It can be pink or red and black bow or even more beautiful one with Polk dots. Actually there are zillion designs and you will surely spend a lot of time looking for the best one but I am sure that those ideas helped you somehow.

bow tattoo on finger

ribbon bow tattoo on leg

chest bow tattoos