Small Tattoos for Women

Girls do love tattoos especially those tiny and cute tattoos that are hidden. The tendency of small tattoos 2019 is strong and new collection of 2019 tattoos includes crazy tattoo ideas.

The best thing about small tattoo is that it will be less visible. This is vital especially for those who have problems wearing tattoo. Here are several creative ideas where to get small tattoo and what is trendy this season.

small tattoos 2019

One of the most popular designs of small tattoos is Chinese symbol. You can find infinite symbols with special meaning and only you will know what your tattoo means. Chinese symbol can be got on finger, wrist, ankle or at napeand behind ear. Chinese symbol is mostly black.

Another popular small tattoo that girls simply adore is flower tattoo. You can choose rose, orchid or lotus to accentuate your femininity. Flower tattoo will look beautiful on shoulder, foot, nape and wrist.

small floral tattoos

Small tattoos 2019 are more often chosen by couples or friends who want to have a symbol of their friendship. More often it is a quote, letters or symbols like yin yang. The best spots for such tattoos are fingers and wrists  but you can also have tattoo on ankle, rib or shoulder.

matching tattoo designs

quote tattoo designs for girls

Do you love those tiny cute bow tattoos? Bow tattoo is included in 2019 tattoo trends and it will be the best choice for you. Tiny pink bow will look adorable on finger, wrist, nape and collarbone. Bow can also be great option as a couple’s tattoo.

bow tattoo designs

It is spring and what can make you feel flair of spring better than getting butterfly tattoo. Colorful butterflies will decorate your nape, wrist, collarbone and shoulder. More often butterfly is colorful but if you like monotony you can get tiny butterfly tattoo behind ear.

small butterfly tattoo designs

moon tattoo designs