Summer Hottest Tattoo Ideas 2019

Summer is the perfect time to show off your body and tattoos but if you haven’t managed to get a new tattoo this summer you can now start searching for the best tattoo for next summer. Of course true tattoo addicted people do not wait for summer to get a new sexy tattoo so let’s say we are just going to talk about tattoos that you will show off next summer. Here are the collection of summer hottest tattoo ideas 2019 to inspire you.

tattoo ideas 2019

Before talking about the best summer tattoos let’s talk about the advantages of getting tattoo at a cold weather. Well, first of all it is easier to protect new tattoo from sun rays and exposure. 

The healing process is faster and less trouble shooting cause you are wearing warm clothes and your new tattoo is completely protected with damage. At last, during cold weather you sweat less, it means your skin won’t get irritated.

Where to get summer tattoo?

If you want to decorate your body and make it more beautiful to look get it on the body part that is not hidden with clothes. Just image how sexy woman’s body will look with a colorful tattoo on thigh. Old School tattoo style will look fantastic on thigh. Such tattoo will make a style statement.

summer hottest tattoo ideas 2019

summer tattoo 2019

flower tattoo on foot

hottest women tattoo

women tattoo ideas 2019

For men the best summer tattoo will be a massive shoulder tattoo that covers shoulder, sleeve and chest. For instance, it can be a massive black tribal tattoo that will protect you and give you strength. Large colorful tattoo in an Old school style will also look perfect on shoulder.

tattoo on shoulder: tattoo ideas 2019

tribal tattoo on shoulder

hot tribal tattoo on shoulder

aztec tattoo on shoulder

Want to be the queen or the king of the beach? Think of a unique tattoo on back. It is supposed to be large and eye catching that will be visible even at a distance. Here you can go for both colorful and monotone tattoos.

tattoo on back: tattoo ideas 2019

tattoo on back

men tattoo on back

tattoo on back 2019

rose tattoo on back