Tattoo Ideas on Wrist

Wrist tattoos are included in the list of 2019 tattoo trends. Wrist tattoo is suitable for both boys and girls but I would like to show you the best tattoo ideas on wrist that will be suitable for girls. You can copy one of them or at least get some ideas and inspiration for your future tattoo.

tattoo on wrist

There are several types of wrist tattoos popular nowadays. One of then is circle tattoo that encircles wrist as a bracelet. This type of tattoo will have jewelry function as well. For this type of tattoo you can have something really gentle so that it will not look too accentuated and bold.

Another popular design is tattoo on inner part of wrist. Actually such type of tattoo is the most popular and frequently chosen one among girls because wrist tattoo looks very sensual and feminine.

wrist tattoo birds

If you are looking for something elegant and cute you can get tiny birds and stars. Single tiny bow, feather and butterfly will also look beautiful on inner part of wrist. More often such types of wrist tattoos are made with black ink but if you have chosen bow or butterfly you can get it colored.

tattoo ideas on wrist

Do you love power words and quotes? Wrist is perfect part to get quote tattoo or a word. “Love”, “Believe”, “Promise”, “Forgive” are the most frequently chosen words but you can surely get anything you wish.

Couples love to get special tattoos on fingers, wrists, shoulders and ribs. More often couples choose quotes and names for tattoo.

forget forgive wrist tattoo




beautiful wrist tattoo

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