The Hottest Rib Tattoos

Tattoos on rib are the hottest to make a style statement and highlight body. Women do love massive rib tattoos that highlight sexy curves. More often rib tattoos is completed up to shoulder or tummy and even leg but let’s forget about those complex styles and concentrate on the hottest women rib tattoos.

Celebrity Tattoos | Hot Rib Tattoo Designs

If you have decided to get tattoo on rib you are probably ready to wear a huge picture and see it every day. If you have doubts there is no reason to risk, you can get something less dramatic and eye catching like the one behind ear or on foot. Well I hope you are ready for dramatic changes and those examples of popular rib tattoos will inspire you.

As we are talking about massive tattoo it should definitely be the one with meaning. Actually the size doesn’t matter; every tattoo should have meaning and you should know the meaning of tattoo you are getting.

tattoo on rib

The most popular designs of tattoos on rib are flowers, cherry blossoms, butterflies, stars, feathers or compositions of butterfly. All those tattoos have special meaning and you will surely have something to say about tattoo when you are asked.


Another tendency of tattoos on rib is quotes. In past few years quotes or words are getting more popular. Quotes can be written either horizontally or vertically; in both cases tattoo will look gorgeous.

rib tattoo quotes

ne rib tattoos

Feather tattoos are very popular. They look cool on any part of body. For rib you can get feather with quote or single feather under arm.

Last thing that I want to say about tattoo on rib is that getting tattoos on that part is rather painful process especially if you have chosen massive tattoo. Make sure your tattoo artist is skilled.