Tribal Tattoo Designs

2019 collection of trendy tattoos include fantastic styles of tribal tattoos that have great impact on the wearer. Such creative tattoo with special meaning has great story to tell. Surely modern tribal tattoos are a bit transformed but still the meaning and symbolism is kept. Here is selection of the best tribal tattoo designs.

Tribal Dragon Tattoo With Wings

Traditional tribal tattoo is made with black ink. Of course the type of tattooing greatly differs now from ancient times when tribal tattoos were popular but today it is possible to recreate even the most complicated print (if only you have found professional tattoo artist).

Tribal Dragon Tattoo

First popular style is tribal dragon tattoo. Dragon is very popular symbol in many cultures and it surely has special meaning. Being the symbol of China dragon is more often associated with Chinese cultures and this is transferred in tattoos. Traditional tribal dragon tattoo is made in black with red lines of expressing fire.

tribal sun tattoo

Tribal Sun Tattoos

Sun tattoo designs are very popular this year. They are represented both in realistic and abstract styles but surely tribal designs are the best. Tribal sun tattoo symbolizes power, immortality, reincarnation, supremacy and truth. Such tattoo will look smashing on neck and wrist.

back redroses

Tribal Rose Tattoo

All types of flower tattoos are popular this year. Both cute and bold designs will make a style statement but if you wish to add touch of mystery and drama to your tattoo you should definitely choose tribal rose tattoo. Here stripes are made in black while the rose can have any color you wish.

heart and tribal butterfly tattoo on upper back

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

Have you ever thought of combining two ideas in one style? What do you think about tribal butterfly tattoo where severe lines are combined with delicacy of butterfly? Actually it is not quite a tribal tattoo; here butterfly is pictured in black lines. Such tattoo looks very impressive on neck.

tribal bird tattoo

Tribal Bird Tattoo

Tribal bird tattoo is mythological symbol and means triumph of good over evil. For such strong meaning you can choose eagle, phoenix, vulture and raven tribal tattoos.

Back Shoulder Tribal Celtic Hybrid Tattoo