Taurus Tattoo Ideas

Those who belong to Taurus zodiac sign are stable, possessive, sensual and quite stubborn. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, Taurus are very passionate and that’s why taurus tattoo designs are bold and eye catching. The following ideas of Taurus tattoos will arm you up with some options for your future tattoo.

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The best design of tattoo is surely Taurus zodiac sign that is clear and need no explanation. Looking like an outlined bull head the sign still is very impressive especially if completed with details like tribal lines or flames. Taurus zodiac sign will be great idea for small tattoo and it can be placed anywhere on the body.

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Women more often get Taurus zodiac sign tattoo on foot, back and rib. The lines of sign can be thin for less dramatic look but true lovers of tattoo do want to make it more visible and eye catching. Moreover, zodiac tattoo is more often completed with details like stars abstract lines or flowers.


As the symbol of Taurus zodiac sign is a bull, sometimes it is chosen as an alternative for zodiac tattoo. It looks really impressive and surely gives power to the wearer. The bull can be pictured either in black or in red as a symbol of passion and fire. Such kind of animal tattoos are more suitable for boys because they have some aggressive touch not suitable for femininity.

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